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captioned by closed captioning services, inc. a truce in the mideast beginning now. good morning i'm cheryl jennings. and i'm kristen sze. israeli and hamas leaders agreed to a cease-fire that starts at 11 a.m. sharp. >> reporter: right now is hour time, 9:30 p.m. in cairo where the agreement was reached about 90 minutes ago. we want to take you live to jerusalem to israel this is israeli president benjamin netanyahu. he has confirmed the truce this morning he's speaking live. he says he agreed after consulting with president obama. you see him wrapping up his remarks now. also we want to show you this video, secretary of state clinton in cairo.
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>> united states welcomes the agreement today for a cease-fire in gaza the rocket attacks must end a calm returns. the people of this region deserve the chance to live free from fear and violence, today's agreement is a step in the right direction that we should build on. >> reporter: just a few hours ago the violence was escalating. israel launched rapid fire airstrikes on gaza city after a small militant group set off a bomb on a bus full of civilians in tel aviv, 27 people were hurt. the cease-fire reached just now, beginning just now, includes that after 24 hours of quiet gaza's border crossings with israel will be open. over the course of this weeklong conflict, 147 palestinians in gaza have been
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killed. five israelis dead in the conflict. katie marzullo, abc7 news. here at home, san jose police need help tracking the driver who hit a pedestrian and took off about 6:00 this morning. emergency responders found the body at jackson and alum rock the man had been hit by two vehicles. amy hollyfield is at the scene. >> reporter: police on the lookout asking for you to be too of a dark colored sedan with damage to the front. san jose police say the man was jaywalking in the dark, it was 6:00 in the morning, probably in the rain when he was hit. they don't know if the driver realized that he or she hit a person. >> very serious offense. again, there's always an explanation for what might or might not have happened. again, with the conditions, dark, low lighting, i'm not sure what the victim was wearing, those are things that we look at when we are
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investigating. >> reporter: that first car did leave the scene. then the man was hit a second time, this time by an suv. that driver is cooperating with police. this happened on alum rock avenue before jackson avenue, in front of the carl's jr. that had just opened. >> i'm scared, i feel like, i don't know, really scared. wow. >> reporter: the fact that someone died here and the driver didn't stop doesn't surprise many in the area who say people seem to be getting more and more careless. >> nobody cares about anything around here or life or anything. it is like, nobody cares, people run over it doesn't matter. >> reporter: this is the second time this year a pedestrian was hit and killed in this area. >> an elderly female was struck as she was going from alum rock from jackson across the street i believe that happened within the last couple of months.
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>> reporter: it did, it happened in december. i just looked it up. she too was crossing at about 6:00 in the morning, also in the middle of the intersection, not in a crosswalk. these are very long blocks, she chose to go across in the . as far as this investigation, -- i just checked with the coroner's office they have not identified this man yet they are just starting to work the case. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. so sad, thank you. also in san jose, 26-year-old murder suspect scheduled to be in court this afternoon accused of a violent crime spree. jonathan wilbanks was arrested last friday after a shootout with police one officer suffered minor injuries. wilbanks and another suspect still on the loose suspected of killing a 22-year-old during an attempted carjacking at a 7-eleven and three other robberies that second suspect is still on the loose.
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also on storm watch this holiday getaway the sun is breaking out after we were pounded by rain here's what it looked like this morning on lombard street in san francisco. steady rain, needing the wipers for sure. wet weather has moved to the sierra, here's a live look at caltrans camera on i-80 and kingvale, nothing coming down at the moment, mike tracking the latest with live doppler things change quickly in the sierra. >> absolutely. looks like the storm is starting to taper like it is here at home. good morning. more than an inch in napa, santa rosa, san rafael, san francisco, half moon bay, tapered to less than half an inch in redwood city and hayward. half inch concord livermore nearly 2/10 the storm dumped most of its rain north bay
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through the heart of the bay. right now live doppler picking up a few sprinkles here and there partly sunny and breezy as the drier, calmer air is starting to rush in. you can watch the radar over the last three hours, central valley and sierra start going get quieter. scattered showers there and snow above 7,000 feet in the sierra. chilly nights and fog for your early morning shopping in the forecast. this is one of the busiest travel days of the year millions are flying or driving to get away. live look at san francisco skyway, things are moving well at the moment. i-80 in emeryville thickening up, it is only 11:00 in the morning. terry mcsweeney joins us from san francisco international. >> reporter: 60,000 people
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expected to fly out of sfo today that is like filling up candlestick park and telling everybody to go to the airport and fly somewhere it has been an ebb and flow all morning right now you see virgin america, nobody there there was a rush earlier i hope i'm not jinxings anything when i say things so far going smoothly. this morning a rush, long lines, nothing unexpected on this day before thanksgiving. we met one woman hoping to avoid the rush who arrived 7:30 last night for her 6:30 flight this morning. >> i thought there was going to be lines and a lot of people. turns out they are not open yet. >> reporter: long lines come and go by 9:00 terminal 2 looks like it does most days. >> although we have heavy pang loads today, we are getting them out -- heavy passenger loads today we are getting
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them out and they are moving on to their holiday destination. >> reporter: flight after flight arriving earlier than scheduled an indication that things were smooth at other airports this morning. this family just flew from l.a.. >> big crowds. >> reporter: was your flight delayed? >> no. >> reporter: the lack of delays allowed people to focus on the purpose of their trip. heading to grand rapids michigan. >> my daughter, her husband and four children live in california danville and they are going to be meeting us there so we've got a big party. >> reporter: seattle resident carmen on her way to sacramento. >> i'm thankful to be with my husband, family and friends one of my favorite holidays. >> reporter: what is thanksgiving dinner going to be like at your house? >> i don't know, we didn't have it. [ laughing ] >> reporter: well they haven't
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had it yet so i guess he made a good point this day used to be the busiest travel day of the year now it is third place in thanksgiving travel behind last friday and the biggest travel day of the thanksgiving week this coming sunday when everybody comes home. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. oakland man has died after falling to his death. next, what authorities say he was doing before the accident. new information just into the newsroom about the future of hostess the maker of tweufrpb
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an oakland man is dead after falling didn't a hillside into a water filled rock quarry. sky 7 hd shows the quarry where that man fell. crews started searching for him 7:00 last night after they received reports he may have fallen off the cliffside behind his home while looking for his cat. divers found his body 1:00 this morning. officials say the cat was found safe. the port of oakland is back in operation this morning, now dealing with a huge back-up of truck drivers after reaching agreement with striking port workers last night operations resumed with a lot of catching up to do. the trucks jamming up all the access roads. yesterday picketers blocked trucks from entering for most of the day.
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the strike involved custodial workers at the port and oakland international airport. right now a new york bankruptcy judge just ruled hostess has to return to liquidation scenario after mediation failed. the judge in the case asked the to sides to meet to prevent a shutdown. lawyers for hostess says the company has received a flood of inquiries from several parties interested in buying some of its brands. we'll cover the entire state to the sierra there are showers and snow still if you are leaving and if you are staying at home, chilly nights on the way, dense fog to talk about before a beautiful weekend. sadness involving longtime tv chef known as mr. food. condolences pouring in after his death. city officials pull out
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right now in san francisco ocean beach closed north of fulton public works crews are cleaning up a raw sewage spill all related to the storm the discharge came from a manhole cover that overflowed. the area has to be cleaned and sanitized. traffic along the great highway is not affected. happening now, u.s. interior secretary ken salazar is visiting a controversial oyster farm. next week salazar is expected to announce a decision on whether to allow the company to continue operating there. its lease is set to expire at the end of this month. the parks service claims the farm is harming the environment and wants it closed. a review in august found the parks services environmental review lacked strong
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scientific support. it is a tradition the day before thanksgiving city officials prepare holiday meals for it is sense who need help. salvation army vip turkey carve brought together members of the police, fire and army personnel and officials from city hall. more than 5,000 meals are being prepared and delivered to home bound san francisco residents. the volunteers benefit too. >> every time -- [ inaudible ] >> by the way, the mayor won the carving contest. salvation army volunteers will deliver meals to 5 -- 5100 starting tomorrow morning. here's a live look from heavenly resort camera, blue
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skies now, they got some snow, right now heflin very is reporting 18 to 24 inches of new -- snow on the slopes other resources opening include boreal, kirkwood, squaw valley. sugar bowl opens tomorrow. east of yosemite, mammoth mountain has kicked off the new season. lots of options. >> this is great news. is the wet weather going to continue or dry up for a while? >> i think it is going to dry, if you are heading that way the snow will remain they will be able to make more snow so you won't have to worry about driving through it. good morning. vollmer peak looking back through the east bay hills into the east bay valleys, one of those areas that received a lot of rain overnight, from mount tamalpais under the lip of the clouds, as we look back towards the bay and sun off
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the bay as clouds are opening and continue to open right now let's look at live doppler, widen the view to give you an idea where still raining north of 80 now, a few showers south of 50 in the mountains where it turns to snow above 7,000 feet if you leave now it will be over, wet streets for the entire commute or wet highways. the bulk of the storm up to the north eugene, portland, seattle where the storm track is moving already which is going to open us for a lot of sun and warmer weather tomorrow through the weekend. ridges is when you know you have a fast wind moving over the mountains you are getting roll clouds as the air goes up the mountains, comes down and rolls, very fascinating to see gives you an idea how fast the jet stream is and how bumpy a ride it might be heading north. here low to mid 60s partly sunny, same monterey bay and
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inland watsonville 59°. partly sunny and a little breezy today. tonight with the clear sky and all that moisture on the ground it is going to get a little foggy especially north bay valleys and chilly 8 to 12° cooler than this morning, dry tomorrow through the weekend. temperatures jump up a little more, widespread mid 60s, a few low 60s at the coast best chance of stray shower higher elevations around the monterey bay. inland mid to upper 60s. traveling the state, everything starts to dry significantly into the latter parts of the afternoon, 47 tahoe, south 70 fresno, sunshine around l.a. 70 there, 83 palm springs. tonight we have 30s in the north bay valleys, low to mid 40s east bay valleys, mid to upper 40s bay shore and coast. cold front slowed as it was
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moving through a wave developed that's what brought heavier rain it doubled what i thought we would get at san francisco and oakland. i think everywhere else, we were close. this heading north going to bypass us and allow high pressure to move in. you see it erasing clouds towards the afternoon with that lack of cloud cover it is going to get chilly tonight that's when the fog will start to form in the north bay valleys it will hang around until 10:00, tomorrow then sunshine and a few clouds for the afternoon. still have a winter weather advisory until 4:00 in the sierra, as you saw with our tower cam it is not heavy right now if you are heading that way, most of it is wet. low to mid 60s tomorrow, mid to upper 60s friday and state. after our chill yes, sir mornings we'll have warm afternoons -- steady sunday through tuesday, no rain and
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low to mid 60s. right now we have sad news to report about a long time celebrity chef who appeared on this newscast for many years, mr. food has died. >> we are always ready with the taste of ooh it is so good. >> art ginsberg enticed viewers for decades. he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer over a year ago and he died today at the age of 81. many of you are posting comments on our facebook page offering condolences and thanking mr. food for sharing his recipes. to post your thoughts go to
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today's show is stuffed full of good things alicia keys here to perform somes from her new album and dish the latest on her life. plus, the barefoot contessa has last minute tips. a piping hot show for sure. tune in and have a happy thanksgiving. coming up at 4, he shoots, scores the college sophomore now in the record books because he scored so many points on a single game. at 5, shopping for a specific item this black friday michael finney shows which stores will have the best deals. finally, cobbler and
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gobbler are free. >> president obama just pardoned both turkeys. >> this year for the first time the american public got a say. you are looking at could be better who got the most votes on facebook page. >> gobbler came in second. they will enjoy a plush life on mt. vernon. >> may they live in peace. thank you for joining us
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